Gay House Movers: The Rockhead and Quarry Story.  A blog about our upcoming house moves.  You can read the R&Q blog here. (opens a new window)

The 62nd Street Blog: the story of hhow me moved two historic houses – and lived to tell the tale. You can read the 62nd Street blog (opens a new window).

The History of the Cheney Cottage: Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association’s Danielle Thompson did an in depth story about the Cheney houses and the Cheney family. You can read the article on the BAHA website (opens a new window).

Cheney Cottage Move from the University: This video shows the Cheney Cottage being cut in half and moved off the property of the University. You can watch the video of the Cheney Cottage being cut and moved (opens a new window)

Cheney Cottage Move Video: This is the video of the move of the second floor of the Cheney Cottage back to Berkeley. You can watch the Cheney Cottage move (opens a new window)

Thornwall Properties: We couldn’t have accomplished all we have without a great broker.  Mary Canavan is the greatest by far, and Thornwall is the best Real Estate Agency around.  You can read about Thornwall Properties here (opens a new window) or call them at 510 848-1950.

Phil Joy House Moving: Phil moved a 4000 sf house from Napa to his land in Benecia. You can watch Phil’s house move (opens a new window)

Home Energy Magazine: The best magazine on energy effficiency in home remodeling. You can read Home Energy Magazine here (opens a new window).

Blackbird Design. Andus Brandt is the architect who designed the third floor on Fulton Street and the layout of the houses on 62nd Street, as well as the first floor of the Delaney House. You can visit the Blackbird Design website (opens a new window).